Chaperone Information – Welcome aboard!

We are happy to have you. Before we embark on this adventure we just need to let you know about our procedures and protocols when being a chaperone on a home game/away game/competition. We hope after you read this you will better understand what is needed and expected for chaperoning.

First, please wear your black parent polo if you have one. If you do not, any PV Band shirt or black shirt will do. We will be obtaining wrist bands once we get to the event location. Once we get our show shirts we can wear those as well.

Second, Please wear closed toe shoes. There will be a lot of walking and standing around as the students prepare to perform, as well as moving props/equipment.

Home Games

Chaperone Check-in: At report time, check-in with Chaperone Coordinator (back Band Hallway next to the Band Room) to receive task(s) assignment for the evening.

Water: When handing out bottles of water to Band Members as they head to the courtyard for inspection block, only hand water to those members carrying their band bags (to hold their water). Those without their band bags will receive their bottles of water in the stands.

Do not allow anyone to walk between the Band Members as they march in line to the stadium: It is disrespectful for anyone to purposely walk through the Band whenever they are marching in line as it causes the band membership to “break ranks.” Therefore, chaperones will line up next to the band (spaced apart) and will escort the band as they march in line to the stadium, by flanking the entire Band membership on the Band’s left side. Chaperones will instruct spectators, who look like they may want try to step between the Band members, not to step through the marching formation; and simply advise, “please wait for the entire band to pass by – thank you.”

Giving out water in the stands during the game, and after the halftime performance. Water will only be given to those in the stands who did not have a band bag to hold their bottle of water when they went to the courtyard for inspection block. AND only those Band/Guard members, who look like they absolutely must have water, may have more water in the stands before the halftime performance, and during the second half of the game. Please note that water will be given to all Band/Guard members after the halftime performance; and kindly do not wheel the coolers to the members after the halftime performance, as they will come to where the coolers are to receive their water.

Do not allow anyone who is not a chaperone to sit to the left of the band: If standing at the bottom of the bleachers, looking up to the band, there will be empty seats on the left side of the Band. Only chaperones may seat in this area – absolutely no one else may sit in that area. If you see anyone sitting there, who is not a chaperone, you need to request that they move seats.

Do not allow anyone who is not a chaperone to sit in the Band/Guard seats during the performance: Only the Chaperones assigned to the Stands during the halftime performance to watch the Band Membership’s personal items may sit in the Band/Guard seating area. No one else is permitted to sit in the Band/Guard seating area. If you see anyone sitting there, who is are not a chaperone, you need to request that they move seats.

Only 2 Band/Guard Members per chaperone: A chaperone may only escort 2 Band/Guard members to the rest room at a time. Mr. Snipes will release 2 Band/Guard members to go to the restroom at his discretion; at which time, you may be asked to escort them. Please not leave either of your charges on attended; you must please keep your duo together, and only return to the stands with both of them.


The bus ride. Chaperones riding the bus will need to help load whatever instruments or equipment that will be traveling with the band to the event. You will also need to help unload the buses of instruments/equipment and put any cases back under the bus. Space is limited under the buses so we need to pack smart.
Once we are done unloading/reloading you will be divided into respective groups. Please know that you may not be able to be with your child during the chaperone experience. The students are given an opportunity to use the restrooms before moving to their designated warm up areas. If you are assigned to stay with the band, you will chaperone and assist in getting them in and out of the restrooms as quickly as possible. This will be the only time the students can use the restroom unless of an extreme emergency. Most chaperones will be directed to help with front ensemble and props in order to have everything ready and moved from one area to another. Once the band/guard get to their designated warm up areas, our interaction with them is limited as Mr. Snipes and the staff take over getting them musically, physically and mentally prepared for competition.

Because chaperones are used to help escort the band, move equipment/props you will not be able to go up into the stands to watch. You will follow the band to the track and stand with the other parents that are chaperoning. We need all chaperoning parents on deck to move equipment/props on and off of the field within a time frame to avoid time penalties.

Once the performance is done, we will again need all hands on deck to get props/equipment back to the trailers for loading.
Water- The students will be provided water by the event location right before they perform and after they perform. We will have water (and snacks on occasion) for them if it is needed but it will be given out ONLY at the direction of Mr. Snipes. Water will not be following us around the event location. Chaperones are allowed to carry a bag with water if you want, but please remember our students are under the direction and control of Mr. Snipes and the staff so they cannot be given water unless it is cleared with them. They move as one and drink water as one.

Parents who are chaperoning will stay with the band as they go out for retreat block. However, we must follow the students’ example of maintaining dignity, respect and composure as results are given. Best advice, do what the students are doing 😉 (well, you don’t have to stand at attention or parade rest.) Mr. Snipes will give the “all clear” to go crazy if/when it is the appropriate time.

Back to the buses. Again we will need to help with instruments/equipment to be loaded on the bus before heading back to Park Vista.

Please understand there are a lot of “hurry up and wait” scenarios and “changes” when moving the band at competitions. We all need to be flexible and understanding if asked to do something different or be at a different location. Those that are giving instruction are taking instruction from Mr. Snipes and the staff. If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to ask, however, please understand that AT the event is not the time to try to change what has already been in place. We always welcome suggestions for making things run smoother, so email us or Mr. Snipes with those suggestions. If there is anything outlined above that you feel you cannot do, you can choose to not chaperone and we would completely understand. If you are ok with all of this, we look forward to your helping our students prepare and put on the best show they possibly can.

Thank you in advance for your willingness to volunteer.