Fundraising Opportunities

Park Vista Fundraising Programs

The Striking Cobra Marching Band Fundraising Committee develops and promotes activities that assist the families of our Band students to earn money toward their annual fair share band fees. We all know that the County support of the Arts programs is slim and that it is up to the students to pay for these programs. The Band fees, that are annually determined through a budgeting process, include all of the expenses associated with providing instruments, uniforms, music, meals, transportation, Assistant Directors, and much more. The PVHS band Committee programs vary in type from car washes, football ads, shred-a-thon, and concession stand operation.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide fundraising programs to assist all Park Vista High School Bands students to raise money to pay Band fair share fees.

Want to Help?

You are welcome to assist us in our Mission. If you are interested in belonging to the Fundraising Committee to assist us as a season long volunteer or a single project, we have a place for you. Remember we put the FUN in Fundraising. Contact us at

Concessions Team

The Committee has established a Concession Team that is trained and experienced in the operation of concession stands at several venues including Invitationals and events. Presently, Band families have the opportunity to work in the concession stands at BT&T  for an easy way to raise Band fair share fees.

Students and parents: Check back often to explore opportunites to assist the PVHS Stiking Cobra band program financially! It takes a lot to run a band program; fundraising can help your student, as well as the entire program to grow and promote a positive experience!

Past Fundraising Events:

  • BB&T volunteering
  • Invitational
  • Football ads
  • Golf Tournament
  • Adopt-a-student
  • Gordon Food Service Fundraiser
  • Applebees Fundraiser
  • Chiplote Fundraiser


Donations (we always need):

  • Water
  • Pepsi products