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Thank you for considering a Corporate Sponsorship of the Striking Cobra Band. Our award-winning Park Vista High School Band is the one of the most active organizations in the Palm Beach County School System. It is also one of the most prominently visible groups in the school and community; we’ll perform over twenty times during the school year alone!

The Striking Cobra Band has competed and performed in various competitions and events. They consistently earn Superior Ratings at these Marching Band, Concert Band and Jazz Band events. In fact, the Striking Cobra Band won the FMBC State Championship in the 5A division in 2014 and was the 2013 Band of America Super Regional Finalist held in Atlanta GA.

Maintaining a superior high school band program like the one we have at PVHS is not an easy task. We have a yearly band budget that is well over $200,000 and includes all of the operating expenses of running a top-notch program. Unfortunately, we receive very little funding from the Palm Beach school district. Therefore, we depend on great financial commitments from our parents, boosters, and generous community sponsors like you.

In these difficult economic times crisis, we are seeing parents working longer hours, looking for work or taking second jobs to support their families. We also have felt the impacts of minimal education budgets that continue to be cut or eliminated – specifically for music education. What this means for the PVHS Band is that many parents are unable to fund their child’s music education.

Why does this matter to us and to you? Did you know that studies report that music education provides the following benefits for our children and our communities?

  • Students receiving music education are less likely to be involved in gangs, drugs or alcohol abuse, and have better attendance in school.
  • Music encourages creativity, imagination, and emotional response. These areas are important for success throughout life.
  • Arts education develops collaborative and teamwork skills, technological competencies, flexible thinking, and an appreciation for diversity.
  • Music education exposes students to history and geography, directs them to science and teaches math, reading and writing.
  • Performance in concerts and festivals builds confidence and self esteem.

By supporting the Striking Cobra Band as a Corporate Sponsor, you will be helping the band program build on its tradition of excellence and meet the challenges of a growing program. In part, your contribution will ensure that all band students will continue to have the opportunity to perform with one of the best and fastest growing bands in the region.

Also your contribution will either supplement or pay entirely for items including staff instructor compensations, equipment purchases, maintenance costs, transportation expenses, insurance, competition/registration fees, printing and much more.

Your support for our students and the music program is greatly needed and will be appreciated. Thank you for your consideration.


Aaron Snipes, III
Director of Bands

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