Jazz Bands 1 & 2

Jazz Band – The Park Vista Jazz Bands are a highly visible and respected element of the Park Vista Band program.  Park Vista is privileged to have two jazz bands, JB1 and JB2.  JB1 is the premier jazz ensemble while JB2 serves as training ground for students wishing to advance into JB1.  All students, regardless of band, will study advanced styles of Jazz, Swing, Rock, Pop, and Latin and will participate in many performances and “gigs” throughout the year.  Members of the Jazz Bands MUST also be members of one of the concert bands, with the exception of guitarists, and pianists. Membership in this Band is based on an audition and Director’s approval.   Both jazz bands consistently earn Superior ratings on both the District and State levels.

PBC Battle of the Bands Finals – April 22, 2015